Military Technical College

Undergraduate Admission

  • The applicant should be native Egyptian as well as his parents and grandparents.
  • The applicant should hold a certificate that states the completion of high school or an equivalent certificate according to the decision of the supreme council of the universities concerning the admission requirements of the engineering collages. . Furthermore, the score percentage of the same year of admission has to be put into consideration and the date of the certificate must not exceed 2 years during which the applicant is registered in one of the universities or institutes or is engaged to army service.
  • The applicant’s age must not exceed 22 years old on the first of October.
  • The applicant must not have been involved in any type of felony or crime or courted before.
  • The applicant must be characterized by a good conduct and reputation and must be trustful.
  • The applicant must be unmarried and will not get married during the years of studying.
  • The applicant has not been resigned or expelled from a college or military institute.
  • The applicant should pass the physical fitness exam according to the regulations with no repetition to this exam.
  • The student must pass the confidence exam regulated by the Ministry of Defense.
  • The applicant should perform well in the scientific exams according to the boarding council of MTC.
  • The applicant should meet the medical fitness approved by the Minister of Defense. Military medical council will decide whether the student is qualified for admission. Medical inspection should not be repeated for nonqualified applicant from the same group.
  • Extra marks are added to the applicant record including: Marks for those ranked in one of the sports championships documented from the respective administrations and Marks of the higher level exam