Military Technical College


MTC is considered one of the distinguished scientific research centers of the Armed Forces. MTC is specialized in the fields of military sciences and technology. As a reference in the military technical applications, MTC is in charge of:

  • Graduation of MTC engineering officers of scientific, practical and organizational capabilities to undertake the technical and engineering missions. Qualification of distinguished officers to conduct scientific research innovation in diverse engineering and technological fields so as to help the Armed Forces modernize the armament systems and support critical and advanced technologies
  • Directing the scientific and technical post graduate studies in compliance with the needs of the Armed Forces. Awarding the Diploma, M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in the engineering and scientific fields.
  • Qualification and preparation of officers to work as staff members.
  • Conducting academic and applied researches in relation to fields of studies and researches in accordance with the general strategies of the Armed Forces technical researches.
  • Conducting new studies that fulfill the needs of Armed Forces. Proposing new engineering and technological solutions that promote the capabilities of the military equipment and improve their tactical and technical utilization. Preparation of qualified officers who can offer technical consultations to Armed Forces authorities.
  • Cooperation with other departments to plan and develop the technical and engineering education to ensure the best quality of the scientific and technical information meeting the current and future needs of the Armed Forces.
  • Evaluation of the scientific degrees and equivalent studies in engineering sciences from foreign universities in cooperation with the ministry of higher education and recommendation for scientific titles.