Military Technical College

Studying Program

  • To get a B.Sc degree in engineering, the MTC cadets have to spend 5 academic years (2 semesters each, in English language for all academic years) at campus. During these 5 years, the cadets study a total of 6132 academic hours distributed over the different branches of subjects studied.

First Year

In the first academic year, the cadets receive the following educational courses:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Computer Programming
  • Production Engineering
  • English Language
  • Military Subjects

Second Year

Finishing the first year successfully, cadets join the major specialization stage where they join one of the main branches dealing with:

  • Electrical Engineering Branch
  • Mechanical Engineering Branch
  • Chemical Engineering Branch
  • Naval Engineering Branch
  • Aerospace Engineering Branch
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering Branch

Third to Fifth Year

After the second year, cadets join designated specializations with graduates as follows:

  • Electrical Engineering Branch
    • Communication Department
    • Electronic Warfare Department
    • Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligent Department
    • Electrical Power Department
    • Radar Department
    • Rocket Guidance Department
    • Optoelectronics and Automatic Control Systems Department
    • Biomedical Engineering Department
    • Electronic Engineering Department
  • Mechanical Engineering Branch
    • Tanks Department
    • Motor Vehicles Department
    • Mechatronics Engineering Department
    • Weapons and Ammunition Department
    • Mechanical Power Department
    • Mechanical Equipment Department
    • Machine Design and Production Department
  • Chemical Engineering Branch
    • Explosives Department
    • Chemical Warfare Department
    • Nuclear Engineering Department
    • Chemical Engineering Department
    • Rocket Propellant Department
  • Naval Engineering Branch
    • Ships and Submarines Engineering Department
    • Naval Armament Engineering Department
    • Naval Warning Engineering Department
  • Aerospace Engineering Branch
    • Aircraft Borne Equipment Department
    • Aircraft Ground Equipment Department
    • Aircraft Electrical Equipment Department
    • Aircraft Armament Department
    • Aircraft Mechanics Department
    • Rockets Department
    • Aerospace Engineering Department
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering Branch
    • Civil Engineering Department
    • Architecture Department