Military Technical College

Short Training Course

Specify The Branch
  • Security measures of modern communications
  • Smart processing of signals in communications and radar systems
  • Digital communications
  • Information protection
  • Communications via fiber optics
  • Communications via satellites
  • Encryption communication systems
  • Long range communications and measurement systems
  • Fiber optics, theories and applications
  • Microwave networks
  • Methods of suppressing electronic interference
  • Computer networks
  • Application of operations research using computers
  • Artificial intelligence and its applications
  • Image processing
  • High tension systems
  • Energy saving systems in industrial installations
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Electrical power generation from wind energy
  • Testing of electric machines
  • Testing and protection of electrical power
  • Testing of high tension
  • Testing of electrics of electric power
  • The use of microprocessor control in electrical machines
  • Testing and digital protection of electrical machines
  • Electrical wiring systems in industrial installations
  • Electrical cables, layout and protection in industrial facilities
  • Emergency generators and their uses in industrial installations
  • Rationalization of electric power consumption of industrial facilities
  • Preventive grounding and lightning protection
  • Control the voltage and frequency of the electrical power generation units
  • Energy use in the clean development
  • A/C radar systems
  • Radar theory and systems
  • Design of radar systems and modern applications
  • Advanced digital signal processors and applications to optical and video signals
  • Satellite receiver systems
  • Digital processing of signals
  • Digital micro-processing of signals and applications
  • Methods of analysis and interpretation of radar and wireless waves
  • Electro-optics
  • Modern control systems and applications
  • Automatic control of machines using voice commands
  • Sensors in control systems and industry
  • Protection system against electromagnetic threats