Military Technical College

A faculty member of the Military Technical College receives the bronze medal at the Geneva International Innovation Fair


In the context of the keenness and interest of the Armed Forces General Command for its innovative sons, and providing all capabilities for the honorable representation of Egypt in international forums, Lt. Col. Tamer Saeed Abdel Zahir, a member of the faculty of the Military Technical College, won the bronze medal (third place) in the Geneva International Exhibition of Innovations in the Field of Mechanics

The exhibition was held in Switzerland via the Internet from 10-14 March 2021, where 52 innovations competed in the field of mechanics, machines and engines.

The winning Egyptian innovation is a fast robot equipped with a flexible operating mechanism to operate in rough terrain at high speed.

The robot can be used in several civilian and military applications, including:
- Building maps of discovered tunnels, assistance in disaster areas, and search and rescue work.
- Disinfecting public places from the Coronavirus and collecting soil samples for contaminated places.