Military Technical College

Participation in University Rover Challenge 2021


The “Pharaohs” team from the Military Technical College students won second place with superiority in the international competition for universities entitled (University Rover Challenge June 2021), which is organized annually by the Mars Desert Research Station in the United States of America

The competition was organized with video conference technology in the context of the Corona pandemic - after successfully carrying out three different tasks, including carrying out specific and precise tasks using the robotic arm, and testing the vehicle’s ability to operate itself, and the ability to maneuver and pass various obstacles, through a remote ground control unit. It is worth noting that the Military Technical College team is the only Egyptian, Arab and African team that succeeded in qualifying and qualifying for the finals within (36) teams among (88) teams from international universities representing different countries, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Poland, Turkey, Bangladesh and India. This comes within the framework of the General Command of the Armed Forces’ keenness to pay attention to developing scientific research and upgrading the educational system within military colleges and institutes to qualify generations capable of keeping pace with the tremendous technological development in all scientific and technical fields by participating in international scientific conferences and competitions to exchange experiences and learn about everything that is new In the world of scientific and technological research.