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The 10th International Scientific Conference of the Military Technical College 2020


Organization of the 10th International Scientific Conference of the Military Technical College, ISC-10 on July 7-9, 2020. The Conference Activities were held Virtually.

This Conference represents an umbrella for five specialized-field conferences. These conferences are : * The 19th International Conference On Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. * The 13th International Conference On Civil and Architectural Engineering. * The 12th International Conference On Electrical Engineering. * The 10th International Conference On Chemical and Environmental Engineering. * The 10th International Conference On Mathematics and Engineering Physics.

The programs of these conferences aim to admit the opportunity for the researchers and research centers to publish their distinctive quality researches and fieldworks and to discuss their results with a selected group of scientist and specialists in the different disciplines, fields, and domains of engineering.

This International Conference creates and constitutes a unique forum for gathering specialists from industry, and professors from universities and scientific associations, from 18 countries to exchange experiences and ideas. A number of 226 Scientific and Applied Researches were presented and discussed during 3 days in 47 session through video conference. The Participating Countries are: 1- United States of America 2- Canada 3- United Kingdom 4-Germany 5- France 6- Hungary 7- China 8- Japan 9- India 10- Indonesia 11 Saudi Arabia 12- United Arab Emirates 13- Kuwait 14- Jordan 15- Algeria 16- Libya 17- Sudan and 18- Arab Republic of Egypt