Fourth International Undergraduate Research Conference (2019) of
Military Technical College

The Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, has the pleasure to organize the fourth international undergraduate research conference (IUGRC-2019) in July 29 - Aug 1, 2019, Cairo, Egypt.



  • In order to motivate the spirit of innovation and scientific research among the engineering students, the Ministry of Defense invites undergraduate students from engineering faculties/schools all over the world to demonstrate their skills, talent and innovated ideas in engineering sciences. The IUGRC activities are intended to be forum that facilitate, and promote communication and cooperation among participants. Participating in this event will help you expand your knowledge, network, discuss challenges, and share ideas during technical sessions and networking breaks.

Sponsored by

Egyptian Armed Forces

Organized by

Military Technical College

All correspondence should be addressed to:

Address: Military Technical College, Kobry Elkobbah, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +(202) 24025292 - 24036138
Fax: +(202) 22621908
Email: iugrc@mtc.edu.eg